What is integrated communication?


Nowadays, in that much if it’s commented on the constant innovations in information technology, as well as the impact of the internet and the new media exert on the relationship between businesses and consumers, one of the major trends of the moment is the integrated communication.

What is integrated communicationThe scope of integrated communication is quite broad and, just to have this character of integration, it covers several trends and concepts, having as one of its main features to promote the Union of different areas of communication, such as public relations, journalism and advertising.

In addition, by relying on this integration and convergence, it turns into one of the most interesting and effective marketing tools today.

Not by chance, the integrated communication (also known by the acronym CI) acquires an increasingly gigantic administrative segments range from various companies.

However, to make and implement the correct and efficient integrated communication, it is necessary to accomplish your planning in advance, understand the concepts that this type of communication involves and how they should be used.

In this scenario, the first question to ask yourself is:

What is the integrated communication?

A general way, the concept of integrated communication consists of the joint action and well planned a series of efforts, tactics, actions, strategies and communication products.

Such actions are planned and carried out by a company or entity, in order to add value to your brand or to strengthen and consolidate your image in front of any audience or on society at large.

In this scenario, the use of new technologies and all its possibilities become one of the prominent elements of integrated communication. Thus, the internet, social networks, the interaction between audio and image and other features work steadily on integrated communication.

The renowned theorist of Administration Philip Kotler still complements the conceptualization of integrated communication, stating that this type of communication is one way to see the entire communication process from the point of view of her receiver. I.e. to Kotler, all efforts to elaborate an integrated communications must be directed and designed to communicate with the target audience of a particular company.

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In addition, to enhance the concept of integrated communication, it is important to keep in mind that this type of communication can be done in distinct ways; one is the Integrated External Communication, and the other is the Integrated Internal Communications.

Communication externally features focus on the care that the company has to present her image to your target audience. Through it are made strategies for consolidating or changing brand, for example.

In General, this type of communication is a link between the company, its customers and to its potential customers.

Already Integrated Internal communication keeps the focus on the employees of the company. In this respect, are very used institutional media such as newsletters, newsletter, among others. Internal communication is very efficient with regard to encourage the team, explain company strategies and other relevant items.

The integrated communication, therefore, is an essential tool for the current marketing, but still the doubt may exist:

As the integrated communication acts?

The integrated communication acts in a way that can unite the information channels of a company or of a particular institution, thus making the information more clearly, objectively and with more range.

To do this, the performance of Integrated Media works using (and integrate) different areas of communication, such as the press, journalism, advertising, public relations and other. Through this Union of areas and communications segments, can be drawn up strategies that seek to find the most efficient way and comprehensive report.

Furthermore, this convergence between the areas of communication organizes and provides a better framework for the achievement of the company’s communication tactics.

Not just unite areas such as journalism, advertising, among others, Integrated communication is also important because it operates using online tools such as blogs, social networks, videos and other possibilities offered by technology.

The internet today is a reality present in the daily lives of people, and your use is very important for the performance of integrated communication.

In addition to the obvious benefits it is important to know:

What are the impacts that the integrated communication generates?

The integrated communication already consolidated as an important tool for the scope of communication of institutions and companies, acquiring expertise critical to the development of the communicational process. In this respect, it is possible to assess also the impact she has when used.

One of the results set by the integrated communications is a longer range of the message prepared by the company make correct use of the communication channels and due integration thereof, a broader public is impacted by the message.

Another impact is a change of attitude, because the integrated communication goes on to require a better planning of marketing strategies to combine several areas and communication tools.

In addition, the company becomes more competitive and stagnant, not because she is more aligned to current processes and methods of communication.

In addition to knowing the impacts, it is important to know:

Why cultivate integrated communication?

Because he makes the communication process more dynamic and modern, suitable for speed of information that exists today. She must also be implemented and cultivated because it has the ability to integrate the message informed, helping in the identification of the target audience and its characteristics.

Another advantage is that it combines all the elements of communication, making it a kind of complete communication.

Before all this, it is important to have mind:

What are the benefits of applying the integrated communication?

For not being an element useful only for commercial purposes, the benefits of integrated communication comprise also a better administrative dynamics for the company, since it assists in the planning of strategies and in decision making.

However, for the benefits are properly noted, it is necessary to avoid some possible misconceptions. So, find out:

What are the main errors in integrated communication?

One of the most common errors is not give sequence to integrated communication processes, because this type of communication is a process that must follow in progress, being planned and redesigned steadily.

The lack of planning to adopt the integrated communication is another misconception, since the Union of the areas and sectors of the company must be aware of all the approaches adopted. With proper planning, the process becomes more efficient and with more positive results.

Not to think of the external and internal communication in the development of integrated communication comprises also other failure, since these sectors must be United so that communication strategies are properly carried out.

Therefore, before this whole scenario of opportunities and advantages that Integrated communication provides, it must always be considered with care and planning. With that, your results will certainly be positive.

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