What is satisfaction?


The satisfaction survey is a way for companies to achieve better know their consumers and the opinions about the products and services offered by these companies, getting an instant feedback and reliable through this type of research.

What is satisfactionThis feedback provided by customers through satisfaction survey, will contribute effectively to the identification points to be improved within the company or organisation, making possible the visualization of problems that can be corrected and sometimes go unnoticed by people from within these companies.

In this way, the satisfaction survey is an effective method and rapid return to known the impression conveyed to the customers and to identify points to be improved within the enterprise, resulting in better results through the improvement and correction of these points.

How to devise a satisfaction survey?

The idealization of a satisfaction survey should be made through a careful analysis of the main points that can affect the image that the company, its products and services passes to end customers, those who consume such products or use their services.

A satisfaction survey should also be designed so that your target audience feel comfortable to participate and answer the questions in this survey, because this way the answers obtained are more real and will result in a more faithful to the real impression of your customers.

In the process of idealization of a satisfaction survey should also be considered the way the questions to be answered will be placed for customers.

A search with multiple choice, for example, can facilitate the filling on the part of customers, but will also limit the choices of answers. In this way, once again, it is essential to know and study the target audience to which the research will be submitted, being chosen the best way to search.

Why should I apply the satisfaction survey?

The satisfaction survey should be applied because it is the best possible evaluation of the services and products offered by a company or organization, based on the opinion of those who effectively will enjoy services: the consumer.

This type of evaluation can contribute effectively to ensure that the products become more attractive to those whom they are intended, thus resulting in better results, because a product or service that best meets the needs of those who consume will win market share, consequently with more consumers.

In addition, the satisfaction survey is the best way to get to know the company better its customers, because through the opinion of consumers may be drawn new strategies for their products and forms of closer contact with these consumers, already with the due knowledge as to their preferences.

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Benefits of satisfaction survey

The main benefit of the satisfaction survey is the evaluation of their products and services directly by consumers, which is the image that your brand has on the public. However, a well-made satisfaction survey can result in an even greater number of benefits for your company.

One of these benefits is the customer loyalty, because through customer satisfaction survey WINS voice, feeling important to business decisions and closing your brand with the consumer. In this way, through customer loyalty, we can achieve positive results.

In addition, the satisfaction survey provides the possibility of improvements in different sectors of the company, especially in communication, is based on the answers obtained in this research is going to know the forms of customer approaches, optimizing marketing and customer service points, which may also help the company report even better results.

Common mistakes in satisfaction survey

Although it may result in a large number of benefits, the satisfaction survey is subject to errors that may compromise your results, minimizing such benefits and showing results that don’t match the actual printing by customers.

The most common errors in surveys of satisfaction are related to your development, with questions asked so incorrect or only on part of the goods or services are actually present, preventing customers respond completely on their opinions and thereby minimizing the search results.

Another type of error is in how the surveys are presented to customers.

The online surveys, for example, tend to present heavy materials such as images and videos may take to be loaded and tired customers are responding, undermining thus the search result.

As many online surveys as face-to-face research must be based on comprehensive questions on various points at which consumer opinion is relevant, but at the same time with direct questions and objective, easy to be answered and to keep the attention of those who respond.

Moving beyond satisfaction survey

Even with the various benefits that the satisfaction survey can bring to a company, this should not be the only way to maintain a direct contact with the client, but a starting point at which this relationship between brand and consumer can be narrowed.

The own satisfaction survey can be used for the creation of a register of customers, in which a means of contact is registered to keep a direct line of information.

Another option is the inclusion of these customers at special events, or the provision of any discounts that may contribute to that customers follow keeping in touch with the company even after the achievement of satisfaction surveys.

Conflicts of interest in satisfaction survey

Conflicts of interest are one of the biggest problems that can compromise the results of a satisfaction survey, because the answers may not represent the reality if this conflict.

External factors, such as providing benefits or remuneration just for filling out a satisfaction survey on a specific brand or product can affect the responses provided and thus mask real opinion consumers of this product or brand.

In this way, the crab is that participation in satisfaction surveys is voluntary, so the opinion demonstrated through research is the truest possible, enabling that evaluate the real opinion of the customers about your company, product or brand.

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